When you and your insurance company can't agree on how much it will cost to do the repairs to your home or business, your policy provides an appraisal clause.  When you use this, both you and your insurance company have to choose a neutral third party to settle the claim.  The two of them get together at the property and if they agree, your insurance company has to honor their decision on how much your claim will be paid.


When the two appraisers can't agree, they select a third party called an umpire.  The two of them meet with the umpire at your property, and between the three of them, they decide on the value of your claim.  Only two of the three parties have to agree and when they do, the insurance company has to honor their decision.


Insurance companies:  if you are looking for years of experience in adjusting and estimating daily claims or catastrophe claims, we are fully equipped to serve those needs.  Our 20+ years estimating experience with Xactimate and Symbility is available to you with adjusters ready and available to serve you throughout Florida.

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WE WILL GO OUT ON THAT LIMB FOR YOU....or up on that roof

There's Negotiation Specialists partner John Jacobsen up on a roof at an appraisal.  How many attorneys do you know who will do that?  Claims aren't always particularly pretty to handle but we will roll up our sleeves and get right down to work for you.


We see a much different log jam in Florida : when minds can't meet to get the claim settled.  Let our expertise come in and clear the way to agreement.


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